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“Dear Dan, who do you admire most in the entire world right now?”


DAN’S ANSWER: As you’ll remember from this Dear Dan response, I find that one of the best ways to keep from being cynical and remaining positive is to tune out all the noise that does nothing but fill us with negativity and cynicism. That means I don’t watch the news, and I don’t keep up with gossip rags. What is pop culture today? I could not tell you.

Because of that, the people I always tend to admire most are real people in my every day life. For example…

I really have come to admire my mom…

I really have come to admire my mom.

I don’t know what steps she took in life to turn into the beautiful human she is, but she took a lot of good ones.

She is truly accepting of just about anyone we bring to Sunday dinners.

She makes time for all of her kids and for all her grandkids. Fun fact, neither one of those are single digit numbers.

She is so giving to her neighbors and family members.

She wishes her family would follow in certain religious footsteps, but she lets us live our lives and doesn’t judge us. She just loves us.

She is an example for never letting our genetics dictate our health. She is out there busting her butt working up a sweat far more often than I am.

She shares what she has.

She brings love to others.

Yeah. I currently admire her a lot.

I really have come to admire my dad, too…

I don’t just list my parents because it is the cool thing to do. It’s actually very meaningful to me that I’ve come to respect them so much because I was always the black sheep and growing up I didn’t get along with either one of them.

My dad is someone who never stops trying to improve himself and overcome his personality flaws. He has turned into an amazingly accepting human and somehow is able to show a genuine interest in just about everyone.

My dad doesn’t bail his kids out but he doesn’t abandon them, either. He has always taught us to make our own way in life. And when time gets way too tough, he’s there to offer a helping hand.

I really admire my older sister, Tomi Ann…

What can I say about Tomi Ann?

She’s incredible.

I honestly have no idea how she does it or how she fits it all in, but she just gives her time and effort to everyone. It’s as if she has no limits of what she can offer to others.

Every once in a while I get a glimpse into the stress of her givingness, but she always covers it up and keeps on going.

I wish I could do what she does and I’m so honored to know her and have her in my life.

I really have an awesome family…

When I started answering this question, I actually had no idea who I was going to name as the people I admired most. I just sat down and started writing.

I guess I just really have an incredible family (many of whom I could have listed here but didn’t). I don’t know how I got lucky enough for that to be my truth, but it is.

~ Dan Pearce | Single Dad Laughing

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