Dan Pearce Author of &quote;Dan Pearce Was Here"

Important note: In September 2019, I officially retired the "Single Dad Laughing" blog and name. I am now blogging at my new Dan Pearce Was Here blog.


I can no longer keep up with the server costs needed to keep my blgos up and running with a following the size of mine.

Could you please donate a small amount to help me keep the content online, or better yet a monthly donation? You can learn more about all of it and donate here. Thank you. Sincerely.

Dan Pearce Author of Dan Pearce Was Here

Thank you for clicking that link. ❤️


Single Dad Laughing is now retired, but I still ~really~ need your help.

  1. I am not gone. I now write and share over on my new blog, Dan Pearce Was Here. The blog may have changed, but the needs to run it are still very real.
  2. I would really love to keep this Single Dad Laughing site up and running so that people who need it and want it can have access to what I’ve written and created in the past.

REALITY: Running a blog & website with the size of following I have is very expensive. The server costs alone are between eight thousand and ten thousand dollars per year to handle the load. In the past, that would be a quality problem since advertising could easily cover it.

Unfortunately, Facebook has drastically limited page reach to all pages. Ad Blocker plugins and smart phone layouts have made advertising worth very little on sites like Single Dad Laughing. My hope is to never need to turn all this awesomeness into a subscription-only service or some absurd thing like that.

So, here’s me humbling myself and asking for your support because I can’t afford these servers on my own. If you find value in me and what I share (as well as all the daily awesomeness on my Facebook page), will you please donate at least a bit each month to help me cover the expenses and hired help it takes to keep it going? I’d be more grateful than I can accurately express.

In many people’s attempts to be helpful, they have suggested that I simply downgrade my servers. I wish I could. I really do. Unfortunately, when a single link that gets big traffic is sent to millions of people, one really popular link can mess up the server in a hurry. Because of that, I have to keep the higher power server going at all times.

Thank you for even clicking whatever link brought you here. It just shows what a classy person you are.

Thanks, Dan Pearce (author of Single Dad Laughing, Dan Pearce Was Here, and all sorts of other stuff)

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