My Molekule Air Purifiers Deliver All the Good Stuff

Problem #1: I get sick a lot. I don’t know why, but if there is even the tiniest cold bug floating through the air half a mile away, I somehow breathe it in and catch whatever misery is attached to it.

Problem #2: I live in a home with really tall ceilings (22 feet in some places) and big open living spaces. I have tried several air filters, but none of them were able to actually clean the air in my home.

Promise for an Honest Review: Molekule believed their product could help out with both of my problems, and so they sent me a couple of their “reinvented” air purifiers to put to the test. “I’m going to give a completely honest review,” I told them. They agreed.

The Setup: I put one of the air purifiers in my bedroom and the other out in my big open living area. The touch screen display almost immediately asked me how big the room was that I was trying to filter. I’m not sure ginormous was an option, but I set it to something similar. It was very simple to setup, and it even let me choose how quiet and quick I wanted the initial air filtration to be.

The Science behind it: I’m no scientist. The air filter system zaps stuff. I know that. It pulverizes it where other filters just capture some but not all of it. It’s pretty cool, how it works, and if you want to know more you can at the Molekule website.

An unexpected solution: I have had the Molekule for going on five months now, and I am officially sold. I haven’t gotten sick even one time since getting the Molekule, where I was picking up some sort of bug every few weeks for some reason. I also somehow sleep deeper with better air flowing through my home.

Molekule is not paying me to write this review. I honestly think the product delivers all the good stuff and does the job of destroying all the bad stuff. I whole heartedly encourage anyone on the fence to take the plunge and grab the Molekule air purifier for their home.

Dan Pearce | Single Dad Laughing