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My Old Friend, The Disease Called “Perfection”

I have been struggling, friends. Really struggling. At the root of it all is my old friend, the disease called "Perfection." Today I really need to be real.

Just Another Instagram by Dan

#Love my kiddo.

Trapped within the Walls of a Guarded Heart

After my divorce in 2010, there wasn’t much left of me that could still be considered intact. My thoughts were obscured and darkened. My laughter gone. My eyes no longer moist. My tears were all spent trying to save the marriage. I had none left, it seemed, to...

Real Moms

Last month's photo contest was called "Real Mom Moments," and nearly 400 entries came in! There were so many incredible photos entered, and today...

2011 was AMAZING

Wow. 2011 was an amazing year for me. How was it for you?When I started the year, I was freshly unemployed with zero income....

Worthless men and the women who make them

En EspañolAs with the Worthless Women post, I feel that some more strong words need to be said today. I'll try to keep today's...

Saturday’s Heroes – Cliff Bichel

Cliff Bichel lives in Michigan. He's 34 years old, married, and has three amazing kids. He's a good dad. A dad who sets aside...

The many awesomnesses of Halloween

Halloween. It's a peculiar day at best. Probably the funniest, weirdest, craziest, most exciting days of the year here in America. I'll be honest....

Lessons from MY dad

I always loved to brag up my dad to my friends. I always knew that he was off somewhere bragging me and my accomplishments up to his own friends. Bragging up all ten of his kids. All the time.

Worthless Women and the Men who Make Them

Strong words need to be said today. Please hear me through to the end because we have a problem... Women are ugly... Women are fat... Women are...

This is beautiful you.

Finally, my favorite post of the week! Every Sunday I take some of the photos that you have uploaded to the Facebook wall, and...

Less talk. More walk.

I'm a little peeved right now. Who am I kidding? I'm really peeved right now. I'll get to that. First, I thought I'd better clarify a couple things...

This is beautiful you.

Finally, my favorite post of the week! Every Sunday we take some of the photos that you have uploaded to the Facebook wall, and...

Saturday’s Heroes – Carissa

Carissa. She is and always will be my greatest inspiration and number one hero. She is my sister. She died a few years ago....

The road that led from there to here.

Just to warn you, today's post is not a highly polished masterpiece. It is more of a personal journal that I am using to sort out a few of my thoughts.

One awesome lady

Okay, first of all, THANK YOU for the response to when "amazing" happens. Just since this morning, more than $1,000 has been sent in,...

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Everyone Look! I’m Pulling My Boob Out Now!

There is great irony, fear, and even bullying going on by breastfeeding mothers online. And this dad blogger is tired of keeping my mouth shut about it...

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How Google Sucked Me In This Week: 15 MORE Unbelievable Pics

Well, last week. Haha. Here is the other half of those unbelievable & amazing photos I got sucked into perusing instead of writing a post for SDL.