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You are not the man she married

Truth be told, the subject of broken families is so complex, so heartbreaking, and so different for everyone involved that it would be impossible for any person to cover it all...

Worthless men and the women who make them

En EspañolAs with the Worthless Women post, I feel that some more strong words need to be said today. I'll try to keep today's...

Worthless Women and the Men who Make Them

Strong words need to be said today. Please hear me through to the end because we have a problem... Women are ugly... Women are fat... Women are...

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Our Seventy-Two Dollar Nap

I don't know how we got into this situation. I only know that it was the end of a VERY long string of crappy consequences for one little mistake.

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Waimea at Sunrise

Free Desktop Background: Waimea Valley at Sunrise

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