The Single Dad Laughing Quiet Goodness Fund

This page is going to be as frill-free as this program is. There is no need for extravagant marketing or self-aggrandizing photos. I am a big believer in doing service for people without anyone knowing when possible. It is true, I have used my blog to do big things for families in the past, but those have been the exception, and never the rule.

For years I have tossed around different ideas of how I could run a fund that lets me help people who really need help at the moment. I’m referring to people who have somehow found themselves in impossible situations with no idea how they got there, and no idea what they’ll do next.

Frankly, I have never wanted to run some big charity or fund that takes tons of paperwork, exorbitant amounts of planning, and for which I have to be publicly accountable for every itty bitty little thing. It takes the fun out of giving back. For me, anyway.

I never could think of a good way to do it. And then it hit me. T-shirts. Not only would they help me pay my bills and keep SDL going, but the profit would all be mine to do what I want with. And if I want to give 10% or more of that profit to whomever the heck I want to give it to, for no reason than that I feel it is a really good cause, I can do that because… it’s my money.

I mean, I know it was your money before you bought the t-shirts. But you know what I mean.

And so, along with starting t-shirt sales on Single Dad Laughing, I also started The Single Dad Laughing Quiet Goodness Fund. And the only thing it entails is my promise and guarantee that 10% (at least) of all the profit from every t-shirt sale will go to help people in serious pickles. People for whom there are no charities, no medical research funds, or no means of obtaining assistance. Even more so, it will likely almost always go to those who would never ask for it because surviving and showing strength throughout the storm is the only thing on their minds.

We can all do that, and we can do it together without the other knowing because… we can. That’s why. And we’re gonna. It’s how we’ve always rolled around these parts. Thanks for joining me in this. And thanks for trusting me in it. It really is the coolest thing I’ve done yet, and it has already done some awesome good.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing