The Truth Box Is Open – I Don’t Regret It Edition


From the time we were old enough to throw our spoons full of baby food on the floor, others in this world have been telling us all exactly what is right and wrong.

The problem is, everybody has different beliefs about what right and wrong really is.

Sometimes we do things that everyone thinks is right and we don’t feel good about it. And, sometimes everyone is telling us something is wrong, and we don’t feel like it’s wrong at all.

Everyone has a truth that other people don’t know about. Everyone.

And just about everyone has a secret that revolves around something they’ve done that they do not regret. They usually keep it secret because they know how others feel about it. We know they think we’re wrong. It can be things we do, ways we feel, activities we participate in, or anything else.

I have a few of them. Things I think are okay that I haven’t discussed or shared with anybody.

But what if I were to share those truths with all of you? What if each of you were to share yours? What if everybody were to share their truths? What if the normal, everyday, good people of this world were to share their biggest truths for everyone to see? And then say… I don’t think it is wrong.


I believe that to be understood, three things need to come together. What we did that others think is wrong. Why we don’t regret it. And who has been telling us it’s wrong.

What is your truth? What do you not regret doing that others think is wrong? Share it in this form, and I will share it with everyone. I don’t want your name. It doesn’t record your IP address or anything like that. I don’t ask for your email. There’s no way to tie it to you. Just a few boxes. Truth boxes.

What I did that others think is wrong:

Why I don't regret it:

Who told you that it is wrong?

I’ll anonymously tell you all one of mine if you’ll tell me yours. Call me crazy, but I bet we’ll all feel a little more normal when we realize just how conflicted the idea of right and wrong really is.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing